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Are you passionate about traveling but concerned about your ecological footprint? Then you're one of us!

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Do your friends always leave you hanging at the last moment? Join our group trips to meet interesting people with whom you can share unforgettable moments!

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Traveling with your company, family, or friends? Tell us about your dream trip, and we’ll make it a reality ✨

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Stress-Free travel advice

Planning your first trip to Andalusia on your own can be exciting and overwhelming, especially when you’re a conscious traveler. That’s why we’ve created this advisory service to help you make the most of your time in our region, stress-free and responsibly.

The travel advisory service is the perfect option for all types of travelers who need any kind of assistance with their trip, whether it’s to finalize part of their itinerary or to create a trip from scratch.

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We work together with these renowned travel agencies to provide the highest level of quality and safety in our trips.


What’s the difference between customized travel and travel advisory?

While in customized travel, we design your entire travel itinerary and also handle booking your flights, hotels, activities, and everything needed based on your preferences and needs, in travel advisory, we simply assist you in creating your perfect itinerary or provide guidance on a specific part of it. 

I am not vegan/ I travel with non-vegan people. Is this service for me?

Of course! Our trips are suitable for anyone who wants to travel responsibly and reduce their ecological footprint. However, part of our commitment to the environment and animals extends to other areas such as food and activities. For example, if you decide to include meals or culinary activities in your trip, we will opt for 100% plant-based options and only book activities that align with our company's values. From our experience, non-vegan individuals often love these types of experiences because they allow them to discover new places in a different way. Additionally, this way, when traveling with vegan individuals, all group members feel included and have a top-notch experience.

Is there a minimum number of booked spots required for a group trip to proceed?

Yes, the minimum number of spots will depend on the trip. For more information, please contact us.

How can I learn more about group travel?

Contact us using the form below, telling us which itinerary interests you, and we will send you all the detailed information.

How far in advance can I book a group trip?

You can book a group trip from the moment it becomes available on our website up to 40 days before departure.

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