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We are Marta and Bruno, and we believe that the best part of traveling is meeting new people and discovering new flavors.
Do you believe that too? Then we want you to be part of our team!

The team

Seville Vegan Tours


Expert in gastronomy and local culture

Born and raised in 1990s Seville in the heart of a traditional Andalusian family, where tapas and laughter were the central elements of a perfect Sunday family plan. As an adult, she developed an insatiable passion for travel, through which she learned to value and take pride in her own culture, as well as to be critical of some of the less ethical traditions. Throughout her life, she studied and worked in various fields such as photography, tourism, and language teaching.

Seville Vegan Tours


History Enthusiast

Bruno has always considered himself a naturally curious being. His background is multicultural as he has lived in 3 different countries (to this day) and speaks 4 languages. He loves to travel and became a vegetarian in 2016. Three years later, his love and empathy for animals led him to make the leap to veganism. Since then, he has been constantly seeking different sources of inspiration to live as sustainably as possible. His best quality is listening; he loves to meet new people from different cultures and enjoys conversations around a table filled with vegan tapas.

Eight interesting facts about us

Bruno Portugal
Bruno was born and raised in Paris in a very Portuguese family.
Marta attended a flamenco academy for the first time at the age of seven.
Despite studying economics, Bruno has been working in tourism for over 15 years.
Marta emigrated to the United Kingdom for the first time at the age of 18.
We met in the south of Portugal (in the most unexpected way).
Together, we fulfilled our dream of backpacking through Southeast Asia.
Seville Vegan Tours
Our next goal is to have a campervan to travel with our furry family.
Vegan restaurants Seville
Marta's favorite food is ramen, while Bruno's is peanut butter on toast.

Find the places not listed on Happy Cow!

Great food and fun people! This was a great way to discover many vegan places that are not listed on Happy Cow.

Jan 2023 •

Happy Cow

Katrina J

Amazing food tour!

Marta and Bruno give you an amazing insight in the food and tapas culture of Seville. In a few hours they explain not only the food, but also some history along the way. They take you to a few restaurants, where all the food tasted delicious. Marta and Bruno are wonderful people, who really tried to engage the whole group who joined the tour as one. Which made me feel at ease immediately. I would really recommend this tour if you have the possibility!

April 2023 •

Happy Cow

Lisa de Graaf

The Highlight of our Trip!

Cannot recommend this tour enough! We did the tapas and wine tour and it was exceptional! Marta and Bruno were so knowledgeable on all things Seville and vegan cuisine in Seville. It was such a wonderful evening enjoyed my both my partner (who isn't vegan) and myself (who is). They went above and beyond to make it special for my birthday which was really appreciated. The vegan guide they put together was really helpful and through. Beyond expectations!

February 2024 •

Happy Cow


Vegan heaven in beautiful Seville

We planned this trip so we could join this tour and it was such a great decision. We had a brilliant day with Marta and Bruno and the other guests, tasted some beautiful food and had all the recommendations we needed to keep us full for the next few days. We loved it and will definitely come back to Sevilla and do their other tours. I'd recommend this to anyone who loves food, not just vegans ... you won't regret it.

Mar 2023 •



Perfect tapas tour. Highly recommended

The two of us joined Marta and Bruno on the tapas tour on Dec21. It was absolutely perfect. Marta and Bruno are both knowledgeable and friendly. We loved every aspect of the tapas tour. The food was excellent. We ate at several places throughout Triana and each place was simply perfect. Whether you follow a plant based diet or not, this is a great way to learn more about tapas, Triana and Seville. Cannot recommend it enough!! Thank you, Marta and Bruno. We wish you all the best!!

sept 2023 •


annie L

Fantastic Food Tour!!

Our family had a truly wonderful food tour with Marta and Bruno! They are both incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and welcoming people. We learned so much from them both about Spain and vegan food and also ate delicious plant-based food together. When you're with Marta and Bruno, it immediately feels like you've made new friends in Sevilla. :) And we are all inspired to try cooking Spanish vegan food at home! We would highly recommend this tour for both vegans and non-vegans - you will have a fantastic evening!

Sept 2023 •


Sarah H

How Seville Vegan Tours Was Born

Seville Vegan Tours was born in Marta's mind on an ordinary morning during her dream trip to Bali, Indonesia. After traveling throughout Southeast Asia for months, she grew tired of worrying about what to eat and where to find vegan options. Every time she arrived in a new place, she hoped to discover new and unique dishes, but more often than not, she found the same old rice and noodle dishes with vegetables. While these meals were delicious, they lacked originality, and she often wondered if they truly represented the local flavors and culture. She felt frustrated that she couldn't try traditional food simply because she had chosen to be vegan, and most local dishes contained animal-derived ingredients. However, her commitment to veganism was unwavering, and she was not willing to compromise her principles for the sake of tasting traditional cuisine. She enjoyed her travels as much as possible but always left with the feeling that her experience in each city or country was incomplete. It was at that moment that she decided to create Seville Vegan Tours so no vegan would ever leave Seville without a complete culinary experience.