The 6 Vegan Restaurants in Seville You Can’t Miss

24 October 2023

vegan restaurants Seville

Discover the Best Vegan Restaurants in Seville: A Delicious Gastronomic Adventure

While the vegan offering in Seville has always been limited compared to other Spanish cities, we have great news for you! Over the past 5 years, veganism has experienced an incredible surge in the city, resulting in a notable growth in culinary options for vegans. Not only will you find delicious vegan choices in traditional bars, but we’ve also seen a new wave of vegan and vegetarian restaurants flourishing in our city.

Below, we present an exquisite selection of the 6 best vegan restaurants you must visit in Seville. From creative proposals to healthy options, this list has something for every vegan palate:

  • Veganitessen: Located in the Arenal Market, this vegan bar started as a pastry shop and has evolved to become one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Seville. Its fame is partly due to its wide variety of vegan fast food and pastries, as well as its appealing daily menu at affordable prices.
  • Vegan Rock: If you find yourself in the Los Remedios neighbourhood, you can’t miss this vegan restaurant. They offer a menu known for its wide variety of veganized traditional tapas while immersing you in a rock legends-inspired atmosphere. It’s a favourite among local vegans and is a must-stop on our exciting Traditional Tapas & Market Tour.
  • Verdetariano: In the picturesque Carretera de Carmona neighbourhood, this cosy family-run vegan café stands out for its healthy snack and dessert options, as well as its delicious daily menu. Here, you’ll find a unique gastronomic experience.
  • Veganí: Located on the popular Feria Street, this vegan restaurant has recently reopened with an innovative focus that combines the most homemade Andalusian cuisine – reflected in its details and decoration – with more elaborate presentations and ecological and local ingredients. All of this is accompanied by a magnificent selection of natural wines that will leave you speechless. It’s no wonder it has become a mandatory stop on our Premium Tapas & Wine Tour. Additionally, by working with local and seasonal products, their menu changes with each season so you can always try something new and exciting!
  • La Vegana: If you have a taste for vegan sweets, this is the perfect place for you. Located between the charming neighborhoods of Triana and Los Remedios, just a 5-minute walk from Vegan Rock, La Vegana will delight you with a wide variety of vegan cakes and sweets, as well as a nutritious daily menu. They also prepare delicious vegan cakes to order, some of them gluten-free and/or sugar-free. Don’t miss their exquisite lemon pie and the irresistible NY roll!
  • Balino Yoga Café: Being the newest vegan café in Seville, Balino Yoga Café will surprise you with its yoga theme, exotic and cosy décor, and a healthy vegan brunch menu that you’ll simply love. Moreover, it is conveniently located in the heart of Seville.

We hope you enjoy these recommendations to explore the best vegan restaurants in Seville! You no longer have to worry about limited options; the city has gone vegan, and these culinary gems await to delight your senses. Buen provecho!

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